Performance marked with power and precision.


Performance marked with power and precision.

Transplanting mechanism

Rotary Transplanting.

6 transplanting arms with rotary transplanting mechanism precisely pick the plants from the nursery on the transplanting platform and transplants as per the various transplanting adjustments done. 6 Rows Seedling Platform helps in wider area coverage which makes the PADDY PANTHER 26 twenty times faster when compared with manual transplanting with laborers.

Auto lift Up Transplanting Platform.

When turning or shifting the main lever into reverse gear, the Auto Lift Up transplanting platform feature prevents the machine from any kind of damage while saving time and increasing operator convenience and machine efficiency.

Automatic Depth Control & Horizontal Balancing.

Advance features like Automatic depth control & Horizontal balancing system results in uniform transplanting depth in unleveled field conditions even at high speeds.

Transplanting Adjustments.

Various adjustments are provided for precise control over transplanting like:

  • 5 adjustments (12, 14,16,19,22 cm) for Hill to hill spacing
  • 10 adjustments (2-11) for Number of plants per hill
  • 4 adjustments (18, 20, 26, 30) for Cross feed
  • 6 adjustments (1.5-4.5 cm) for transplanting depth

Adjustments can be used as per the variety of rice, to ensure that plants are evenly and uniformly transplanted which optimizes the number of plants in the field. These adjustments can be done easily by the operator with the help of conveniently located levers.

Unit Clutch Lever.

Three independent unit clutch levers are provided. Each clutch can control transplanting engagement or disengagement in two adjoining rows. It helps in better control over the area left for transplanting in the end, while finishing the field.